Intelligent Energy Managaement
for Cell and Telecom Tower

Intelligent Energy Management Platform powered by Artificial intelligence. Resync is building Machine Learning and data analytics driven Intelligent Energy Cloud solutions to monitor cell & telco towers and system with distributed energy resources. The Solutions are for maximizes the performance of the system and reduces overall electricity bill.

Drastically dropping prices of renewables and advancing digital technologies pushing current centralized energy infrastructure to adapt new models of distributed or decentralized energy generation and consumption. Due to the complexity of those systems, Intelligent Energy Management plays a crucial role to maintain system reliability and cost efficiency.

Companies across all sectors are turning to energy management as a means to reduce their operating costs. Specific requirements and practices differ by sector, but the core principles apply to all companies. It involves the following steps :

1. Collecting and analysing energy assetsdata
2. Identifying opportunitiesto saveenergy
3. Taking realtimeoptimizationactions
4. Tracking theprogress and ongoingperformance

At RESync,our job is to ensure smooth operation of distributed resources and IoT devices without compromising on system reliability.