Chat with your customers,
wherever they are

Qiscus is a conversational platform that helps businesses embrace the power of conversations to deliver excellent customer experience.

Engage your customers from Whatsapp, LINE, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Email, Twitter, Instagram, etc and centralise all chats into a single dashboard.

Customer Service

Engage your customers via your own apps and the mainstream chat apps.


Scalable core In-App Chat SDK to build chat feature within your applications.

Closed Group Messenger

Level up the collaborations between teams with a secure messaging app.

We have brought the power of conversations to:
13 industries, 16 use-cases, and touched the lives of >20,000,000 users.

Example of use-cases:

  • Conversations move people from one point to the other
  • Conversations remove the corporate – customers gap
  • Conversations bring wholesalers closer to retailers.
  • Conversations scale lead generation and qualification.
  • Conversations bring healthcare to the palms of millions
  • Conversations bring shopping to consumers’ finger tips
  • Conversations removes manual & inefficient work management
  • and many more

Unique Value Proposition

Able to handle scale – 10 million concurrencies
Proven reliability in developing countries
Flexible deployment to cater to enterprise needs
Highly-extendable to mainstream chat apps & legacy systems
Available option for customisations
100% focus on enterprise business