The first and largest vision AI company in Indonesia, providing computer vision with deep learning by extending vision using Artificial Intelligence

Nodeflux processed unstructured data from imaging devices using Nodeflux AI Visionaire to become structured data that will produce actionable insight (reporting system), advance analytics (customized dashboard) , & automation alert (trigger warning to the closest officer)

Globally recognized for its facial recognition technology, the first and only one from Indonesia to be listed on the US NIST leaderboard


  • Floating license – Nodeflux technology can be moved to a different camera devices.
  • Camera agnostic – Nodeflux technology can be used by varieties cameras
  • Real-time – the data will be analyzed in real-time to provide actionable insight for user to take action
  • Massive data throughput – can process data in large volume
  • Easy integration – flexible and can be integrated with other solutions
  • Private & configurable – high security system to avoid outsider to breach the system
  • Plug & Play

Nodeflux AI technology can perform all-in-one-surveillance that combines 2 types of analytics into one platform:

1. Real-time analytic

  • Face recognition
  • People counting
  • People dwelling
  • Crowd analytic
  • License plate recognition
  • Vehicle counting
  • Vehicle dwelling
  • Water level

2. Snapshot analytic

  • People density
  • Social distancing detection
  • Face mask detection
  • Vehicle density