Digitalizing the monitoring and follow up process in real-time

  • To manage risks and improve facility management by digitizing inspections, remote monitoring, and providing actionable insights in real-time
  • To improve retail and on-shelf execution by digitizing the monitoring and follow up process in real-time
  • Business model: Annual subscription fee


  • Easy to use: Step by step workflows, flag issues, and share reports with a single tap
  • Online & offline
  • Real time monitoring: Track performance of teams, tasks, and targets
  • Deep insights: Pinpoint issues and opportunities with data
  • Fully secured: Protect your data with a private and secure cloud database, admin privileges, gated log-ins and secure APIs.

Use Case

  • Manage timeline process, project requirements, follow-ups, and progress report.
  • QA/QC on health safety risk, equipment maintenance, and security.
  • Assess KPI & trend, evaluate site & team performance, identify key risk and opportunities by different sites and categories.
  • Store visit verification, on-shelf execution, stock management, share of shelf & competitor analysis.

How Nimbly Works

1. Questionnaire Upload

  • Configure questions in the admin
  • Allocate different questionnaires for different outlets or  context
  • Flag each question with a risk level

2. Site/ Outlet Audit Perform

  • Select outlets/ site to audit
  • Check-in at outlet (GPS-enabled)
  • Answer guided questionnaires
  • Attach photos for specified questions

3. Automate Reporting 

  • Complete final question and submit
  • Report is automatically generated, sent and stored
  • Check-out of outlet (GPS-enabled)

4. Actionable Insights

  • See personal metrics and achievements
  • Compare performance of company, outlets  and auditors
  • Identify issues and opportunities across outlets and regions