Powerful and unique analytic tool, created based on Indonesian market demand. Bhumi Varta technology using LOKASI is the only Indonesia-based provider of online and comprehensive location-based insights. With all the statistics, data, analysis features possessed, LOKASI helps businesses decide where they should locate new operations and close existing ones. It will also give more insights on business plans & monitoring with machine learning using big data.

Technology to

  • Find a strategic place,
  • Areas with the right size,
  • Identify Profile of population,
  • Mapping the location of business competitors,
  • Known area & easy access


  • Analytic tool
  • Linked with geographical data
  • Customized based on business needs & visualize data based for business insight

What we can do

  • Data visualization
  • Identify strategic places, location insight, & competitor analysis
  • Customer profile & Sales review

Machine Learning with Spatial data to analyze

  • Target market
  • Distribution Optimization & Profiling of location
  • Store Management & Sales Forecast

Location analytics with Machine learning: Modeling, Business Optimization, and Predicting Performance based on specific area and variable

Point of Interest

> 2million in specific categories and details with Road network of > 900,000km road with class categories