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Digitalizing the monitoring and follow up process in real-time To manage risks and improve facility management by digitizing inspections, remote monitoring, and providing actionable insights in real-time To improve retail...
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Bhumi Varta

Powerful and unique analytic tool, created based on Indonesian market demand. Bhumi Varta technology using LOKASI is the only Indonesia-based provider of online and comprehensive location-based insights. With all the...
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All In One Attendance Solution Attendance App for remote employees, mobile workers, and multi branch offices. Our features include: monitor employees attendance, multiple attendance spots, timesheet trackers, client visit, assurance...
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Energy intelligence at the edge Ampotech uses the internet of things and edge computing technology to help energy, operations, and facilities managers improve the performance of their buildings. The proprietary...
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Let’s Be A Part Of Green Movement With Xurya Kami adalah startup energi terbarukan di Indonesia yang memelopori metode pembayaran DP nol untuk beralih ke tenaga surya, demi masa depan Indonesia yang...
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Makes access smart, simple and safe Keyless Access Solutions - A Singapore based company that create smart locks & lockboxes that allows property owners to grant access remotely via PIN...
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