The 1st-ever DIY internet controller, and the only one you will ever need

Asia’s 1st D-I-Y Internet Controller, simple (no IT expertise needed), easy (all control in mobile app), and affordable (versus small business or home firewalls) control for their internet

Home Shield

Audra brings a state-of-the-art Internet Control solution to protect your loved ones. HomeShield enables customized rules to set internet usage schedules for your family, specially your kids, from dangerous online contents including violence, sexuality, gambling, and much more.

Restore the Digital Wellness of your family. Audra is here for your peace of mind

Biz Secure

Small to medium businesses consistently desire an Internet control tool that speaks their language – affordable, simple, yet robust and effective. Audra BizSecure is just the right fit here. Audra Cloud A.I., coupled with a gateway device and a powerful management app, lets you effectively manage your workplace Internet. It puts YOU in control of what your business is supposed to achieve.

Take charge today, with the simple yet powerful Audra BizSecure, your ‘DIY’ Internet Control solution.