Eco Energy: Ericsson’s Tower Tube cell towers go greener with integrated wind turbine

EcoFactor: The energy-efficient cell towers from Ericsson go further green by harnessing clean wind energy from integrated vertical wind turbines.

Mobile network provider Ericsson already uses a cell tower version that is far more energy-efficient and green compared to the giant steel structure put up by other companies. The sleek design and efficient working capability of Ericsson’s Tower Tubes make them stand apart from the crowd. The eco-friendly cell towers save up to 40% compared with traditional tower structures. These structures are going further green by incorporating a vertical wind turbine. The wind turbine consists of four blades with each spanning five meters. The cool new design allows the cell towers to be completely self-sufficient and are an asset in remote areas. The vertical design of the wind turbine makes it more efficient and less noisy.

The Dark Side:

We wonder how vertical wind turbines will affect the bird life in the area. A recent report suggested that birds could die out of pressure changes caused by moving blades. But on the face of it, this looks like a nice little add-on to the Tower Tube structures.

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